GTD Consulting was established in 2011 to provide expert services in the diamond industry. GTD is based in Hong Kong with representation in major diamond centers including Belgium, UAE, Angola, South Africa, and Canada. Our principal services include sorting and valuation, real-time market pricing of rough and polished, quantitative analysis, stock auditing, and sales and marketing of rough diamonds as well as general third-party guidance on diamond policy issues, regulatory compliance, and mine project feasibility.

Working on behalf of diamond companies, both public and private, as well as government agencies, diamond industry representative organisations, auditing firms and financial institutions, our experience spans all elements of the diamond business.

GTD employs a permanent team of seasoned diamond sorters, valuators, large stone experts, and statisticians working out of Antwerp, Belgium and Dubai, UAE. We have developed our own proprietary sorting and valuation framework that is used in the regular marketing of mine productions from all over the world. Our pricing system utilizes data from actual rough diamond transactions giving us unparalleled insight into rough pricing. Our team processes more than 2 million carats of run-of-mine production each year, from 3 different continents.

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